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1 year ago

Episode 121: Blind pride, blind people at the airport, plenty of tech questions and opinions

Kia ora Mosen At Largers. Here’s what’s on this episode, and remember that you can skip between segments of the show if you have a podcast app that supports the highly handy dandy chapter marks. Intro,0:00.000 Thoughts on blind pride and the social model of disability,0:27.833 Blind people at the airport,24:19.815 Clubhouse has dwindling participation but improving features,1:09:28.400 Survey for blind coders,1:13:15.128 the link mentioned in the survey is uh oh! There's a big accessibility problem with the Sonos Roam,1:14:24.093 What's a data breach?,1:17:53.472 For UK listeners, a Sky Q review,1:18:53.832 Thoughts from a new user of the QBraille from Hims,1:34:12.330 Why do Android Braille devices become outdated so quickly?,1:38:03.481 JAWS versus VoiceOver,1:43:14.864 App purchases,1:54:40.963 What's the best way to learn how to use Twitter?,2:04:14.736 What accessible Bitcoin options exist?,2:07:19.437 Share your thoughts on these topics or any others. Drop me an email in writing or with an audio attachment, Jonathan at, or phone the listener line in the United States, +1864-60Mosen, that's +18646066736. Keep up with Mosen At Large between episodes. Follow MosenAtLarge on Twitter where you'll get audio extras, links to interesting news stories, sneak peeks about what's coming up and more. If you'd like to subscribe to our announcements only email list, please send email to [email protected] And if you like the show, we'd love a positive review and for you to spread the word. Thank you.