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7 months ago

Episode 159: The unacceptable price blind audiophiles pay for audio description, 20 years since George Harrison died, and our Chromebook series concludes

Kia ora Mosen At Largers. A reminder that this podcast is indexed by chapter. If you listen with a podcast client that offers chapter support, you can easily skip between segments. On the show this week:


The Beatles Get Back documentary is incredible, but it highlights a big audio description problem for blind people,2:15.048

Remembering George Harrison on the 20th anniversary of his death. To find out when the tribute is on where you live, check the Mushroom FM Schedule,11:50.131

More comments on visual description of presenters at conferences and meetings,16:06.361

Comments on Dell and Realtek compatibility issues, and my new ThinkPad is on its way. If you live in New Zealand and want to buy the Dell XPS15 9500, check out the TradeMe listing,31:26.575

A research study on the accessibility and enjoyability of video games,39:01.638

A working from home opportunity, becoming a third-party seller,41:33.371

Standardising the spelling of DeafBlind,49:21.162

How Mosen At Large is produced using Reaper,51:51.826

Concluding our Chromebook series with a look at running Android apps and managing files,1:00:20.863

How do you add shortcuts to the desktop in Windows 11?,1:24:42.206

Some handy hints for working with GPS apps on your smartphone,1:26:18.572

Hearing aids and watchingTV,1:30:01.901

Comments on a variety of recent talking points,1:32:43.189

Does anyone have experience with the accessibility of LG TVs?,1:37:48.175

The Bonnie Bulletin,1:39:54.894

Closing and contact info,1:56:43.559

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