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2 months ago

Episode 178: Some Braille users may be locked out of the new TalkBack Braille support, The ReVision Fitness app, and farewell to the iPod Touch

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Here’s what features in this week’s show, and when.

Introduction, new microphone boom arm,0:00.000

TalkBack finally gets built-in Braille support, but there's a big catch,4:48.847. Watch the video about accessibility changes for blind people in Android 13.

Is it time for NFB and ACB to bury the hatchet?,11:29.039

Jonathan's review of "After Steve" by Tripp Mickle,22:24.116

Listener comments on "After Steve,28:09.547

Jury service,46:37.340

The BlindshellClassic 2,49:27.987

Accessibility issues with YouTube for iOS,59:35.652

Tyler Merren talks about his ReVision Fitness app,1:01:29.629

The Bonnie Bulletin - Why isn't the Kentucky Derby winner going for the triple crown?,1:49:58.482

Bye bye iPod,1:54:06.040

Closing and contact info,1:58:36.802

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