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2 months ago

Episode 180: Looking ahead to WWDC, Google finally answers the Braille question, And author of After Steve, Tripp Mickle

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Here’s what features in this week’s show, and when.

What are you hoping Apple will announce at WWDC?,0:00.000

Braille in Talkback. Google finally answers the HID question,10:23.528

The technology press doesn't want the fairy tale ruined,19:15.468

Focus 40 Blue repair,23:14.978

The My Chart app is an accessible experience,24:32.585

Problem with VoiceOver output on iPhone SE 3,26:57.282

I got fit by going to the gym,29:25.633

Blind people fooling with the phone,37:06.441

Author of the book "After Steve", Tripp Mickle",1:00:29.539

Bonnie and Jonathan are going on a voyage,1:47:18.860

Closing and contact info,1:57:40.772

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