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10 months ago

Episode 144: FlickType has gone and Apple is to blame, how to use Braille Screen input, more on alternative iOS calendar apps

Kia ora Mosen At Largers, from level 4 lockdown in New Zealand. Here’s what’s on when. Remember, you can skip between these segments if you have a podcast client that supports chapters. Intro from a locked down New Zealand,0:00.000 The story behind the demise of the FlickType accessible keyboard for iOS and what you can do about it,1:02.371 Listener comments onFlickType,30:33.822 Judy Dixon demonstrates Braille Screen Input,38:49.753 Apple Calendar apps and child safety initiative,54:20.058 The concept of being registered blind in the UK,1:14:57.557 How accessible is Descript?,1:20:40.256 iOS email still buggy,1:23:32.620 Etiquette when receiving remote assistance,1:27:41.663 VO Starter,1:31:47.896 The new Apple TV Siri remote,1:32:59.798 iOS mispronunciations,1:35:12.156 Ring video doorbell,1:37:44.425 Thanks for the advice on staying in step with a cane,1:39:59.269 Audio description and subtitles. There is actually a bit of a difference,1:40:57.004 The birthday Bonnie bulletin in lockdown,1:43:16.634 Bonnie gets a totally unexpected birthday present,1:51:22.636 Closing announcement and contact info,1:57:52.848 Share your thoughts on these topics or any others. Drop me an email in writing or with an audio attachment, Jonathan at, or phone the listener line in the United States, +1864-60Mosen, that's +18646066736. Keep up with Mosen At Large between episodes. Follow MosenAtLarge on Twitter where you'll get audio extras, links to interesting news stories, sneak peeks about what's coming up and more. If you'd like to subscribe to our announcements only email list, please send email to [email protected] And if you like the show, we'd love a positive review and for you to spread the word. Thank you.