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1 year ago

Episode 106: Widespread concern about accessibility overlays leads to a new Chrome extension to block them. dating when blind, Braille comments and more

Kia ora Mosen At Largers. As always, the show is segmented by chapter, so you can easily jump to the sections below. On the show this week: Introduction,0:00.000 Feedback on accessibility overlays,0:28.011 AccessiByeBye blocks accessibility overlays in your browser. We speak with Mike Calvo and Matt Campbell,21:16.297 Dating blind,34:11.737 Brailliant findings and great news about the iOS 14.5 beta,55:54.089 Questions and comments about the APH Mantis and other Braille displays,1:06:46.794 Comment on Clubhouse,1:22:27.317 Saving Facebook Live as Mp3,1:26:22.199 Amazon Echo questions,1:26:57.922 Phone theft inBritain,1:30:06.162 Seeking the ultimate PC for Internet streaming,1:33:18.530 Alternative search engine, and why would anyone not capitalise Braille?,1:41:44.533 Maths and scanning,1:49:34.772 Ride share refusals,1:52:38.804 Closing and contact info,1:57:31.409 Share your thoughts on these topics or any others. Drop me an email in writing or with an audio attachment, Jonathan at, or phone the listener line in the United States, +1864-60Mosen, that's +18646066736. Keep up with Mosen At Large between episodes. Follow MosenAtLarge on Twitter where you'll get audio extras, links to interesting news stories, sneak peeks about what's coming up and more. If you'd like to subscribe to our announcements only email list, please send email to [email protected] And if you like the show, we'd love a positive review and for you to spread the word. Thank you.