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1 year ago

Episode 117: Transcripts come to Mosen At Large, Sonos Roam set up and reviewed, and more on ableist language

Kia ora Mosen At Largers. It’s a mix of information, debate and technology on the show today. Introduction,0:00.000 I ordered the AirTags but have one little gripe,0:26.919 Mosen At Large to offer transcripts for the Deafblind community,2:50.646. For more information, please read this blog post, and feel free to share it widely, thank you. TheBonnie Bulletin begins our review of the Sonos Roam,10:20.376 Unboxing the Sonos Roam,12:41.809 Orientation to the Sonos Roam,16:44.622 Setting up the Sonos Roam,17:53.071 Adding a voice assistant to the Sonos Roam,31:52.798 Exploring other Sonos Roam settings,37:44.801 Using the Sonos Roam as a Bluetooth speaker,44:22.379 Demonstration of Sound Swap on the Sonos Roam,46:27.897 Using Sonos Roam as an AirPlay speaker,49:08.136 Specs and final thoughts on the Sonos Roam,51:24.783 New Zealand's public broadcaster comments on ableist language,58:11.949 Thoughts on text-to-speech engines,1:16:03.210 Ableist language spans more than English, TTS thoughts,1:22:34.277 More on understanding cursors in Apple land,1:27:48.658 Share your thoughts on these topics or any others. Drop me an email in writing or with an audio attachment, Jonathan at, or phone the listener line in the United States, +1864-60Mosen, that's +18646066736. Keep up with Mosen At Large between episodes. Follow MosenAtLarge on Twitter where you'll get audio extras, links to interesting news stories, sneak peeks about what's coming up and more. If you'd like to subscribe to our announcements only email list, please send email to [email protected] And if you like the show, we'd love a positive review and for you to spread the word. Thank you.